나는 미디어를 활용한 참여 프로젝트를 진행하며 시스템과 개인에 초점을 맞춘 주제별 현장을 개설하는 작업을 이어왔다. 프로젝트 현장에 참여하는 사람들은 시스템의 가능성을 스스로 제안하고 상상한다. 2010년, 온라인 커뮤니티 세대 독립 클럽을 운영하며, 사람들과 ‘Midnight Parade’를 하며 시간을 보냈다. 2011년, 노동하는 개인과 기업문화의 관계를 겨냥한 ‘일시적 기업’을 만들어 사람들을 고용했고 업무를 수행했다. 2012년, 주거공간이 필요한 사람들과 살 곳을 찾아 철새처럼 이동하며 새로 완공되어 비어있는 집에서 ‘New Home’을 모색했다. 2013년, ‘정전 100주년 기념 사랑과 평화 페스티벌’과 ‘CJ.r’을 통해 내부 비평적 작품을 이어갔다. 2014년 시작된 ‘한국 난민’ 시리즈는 국민을 난민으로 몰입하여 시스템의 균형이 어긋난 상황들을 공유하는 프로젝트였다. 2015년, ‘멈출 수 있는 미래의 환영’은 미래에서 온 난민과 현재의 정치인이 한강 위에서 삶에 대한 협상을 시도했다. 2016년부터 해외 이주를 경험한 사람들과 커뮤니티를 조직하고 ‘BATS’프로젝트를 이어가고 있다. 2018년 ‘BGM(Background Memory)’을 통해 지난 시간을 소리와 빛의 기억으로 정리했다. 2019년 태어나고 자란 도시에서 떠나는 여정(2012.12.20-2019.12.20)을 담은 ‘떠나려는 사람만이 모든 것을 본다’를 발표했다. 이 작품들은 전시와 공연, 스크리닝 등 다양한 미디어를 통해 발표되었다.

I use media to produce participatory projects. My works focus on the individuals who suggest imagination to the system. In my projects, participants are recruited from online and offline. As an insider of the system, they imagine and suggest alternatives to the system. In 2010, conflicts between old and young generations were issues in Korea. I wanted to exist in a different way as a young generation. I created an online community called "Generation Independence Club". I spent time doing "Midnight Parade"  with people in the midnight. In 2011, I established a virtual company called "Temporary Enterprise" which discussed the issue of unstable power dynamics between individual workers and corporations. Participants formed a group called, "TEAM(Temporary Exporting Angry Midnight)” and performed, "OT(Office Terror.)" In 2012, people were priced out by the real estate boom. I felt there was no place for me to settle down and I met people who shared the same experience. "New Home" is a project with participants who belonged to generations specifically excluded from urban planning. "New Home: A sleep-together performance" was a one-day project performed on July 7th 2012. During the performance, participants and audience wandered around together and built a nest to spend a night together. The performance was inspired from my imagination of a specific group committing a collective suicide. After then, I decided to leave my country due to the decline in my personal life. Life was difficult either in and out of my country. I returned to Korea in 2013 when Korean society was obsessed with survival and I was combative. My actions during these troubling days were translated into my works. I created works that critiqued the system from the insider perspective. I participated a TV show called  "Art Star Korea" under the name  "CJ.r". As a competitor, I critiqued the structure and the system of the show. I was invited to the 60th anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War, which took place in the island that bordered South and North Korea. From my imagination of ideology and division on the 100th anniversary, I created a virtual festival called, "100th Anniversary of the Armistice Love &Peace, Rock and Roll Festival". K-Refugees Series is a project that began in 2014 from imagining the collapse of the Republic of Korea in the future. Audiences immersed themselves as ‘refugees’ in the future to share their current social issues that will potentially become future. Stoppable Illusion of Future is the last episode of the project, where the incumbent politician and virtual refugees from the future negotiated the current social issues. This project was an experiment of how art can intervene in the current system. The system seemed to become more rigid by a minor explosion I made. I went above and beyond my ability to make a scratch in the system and eventually was burnt out. "BGM(Background Memory)" in 2018 was my attempt to recover what had been lost in the field and a work I wanted to share with people who have similar experiences. Since 2012, I've been trying to leave the place I was born and raised. When the sun set where I was staying, I met angels and bats sometimes. I spent my time going high or lying down like them. "Only people who decided to leave, can see everything." is the phrase that came to my mind then. When an individual escapes their current state, they gain a new perspective. I find my coordinate in multilayered memory through that new perspective. These works were presented through various media including exhibitions, interdisciplinary arts, and film festivals.